Tappin' Floor's 7 Biggest Features

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1. Great Sound

Crisp sound as you tap with enough space to create the exact resonance you want for great sounding tap dancing.

2. Light weight

Easy to carry, approx. 15 lbs (7 Kg).  

3. Minimum storage space 

You need only 3 ft x 1.5 ft (36 in x 18 in) space with 2 in hight.

* 3 ft x 3 ft (36 in x 36 in x 2 in) when Tappin' Floors are set up

4. Expandable

You can join multiple floors together to make a larger dance floor with the dowel fastening system

5. Always looks New

A 2 layer polyurethane surface makes the floor very hard and durable.  It can also be sanded and refinished to keep it looking new.

6. Dance Anywhere

Bumpers installed to make the floor slip resistant on any surface without marring our scratching.

7. Handmade in Canada with pride and care!

Designed and built locally by a skilled Japanese craftsman.  

Save those knees and 

have a beautiful acoustic sound

The Tappin' Floor is designed for the ultmiate sound.  The slightly raised surface creates space, like a drum head, allowing the tap sounds to resonate and tappers can access a huge range in dynamics without killing their legs by dancing hard.  From subtle soft tones, to huge bold bass notes, this tap floor allows such a full menu of sound to play with.  We are often faced with very hard surfaces with no sound quality.  Tile or concrete and sometimes even wood placed directly on concrete is very dangerous to the health and longevity of our dancing.  To get any sound out of a hard surface, we end up working too hard, hurting our feet and legs.  The Tappin' Floor offers us a great buffer and a chance for the true musicianship of our tap dancing to be heard.  Wood directly on a hard surface will never compare to the full sound our tap floor can give you.   Tap shoes sometimes cost $300 or more, don't you think your legs and feet deserve to dance on a surface that can compliment your sound?

- Jennifer Bishop (Vancouver, BC), Professional Tap Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer and Owner of Tappin' Floor

* CAD 350/floor comes with a great handmade canvas carrying bag and custom side braces for extra stability

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